SEPHCO Industries Pty. Ltd.


SEPHCO offers over half a century of experience in the design and manufacturing of power proving load banks and control systems. SEPHCO has continuously grown by developing technically advanced, innovative new products to meet the ever increasing demand of power generation equipment.

SEPHCO’s distinction today is that of an Industry leader in the global market, embracing a quality assurance system meeting ISO 9001:2008. Computer aided design engineering guarantees the optimum design parameters and the most efficient manufacturing processes. Detailed evaluations of incoming materials, continuous work-in-progress and final inspection procedures of every item produced insures trouble free performance.

SEPHCO can meet most requirements from it’s huge range of products or be customized to suit any application. A product manual available in hard copy, disc or via the Internet, provides the most comprehensive information of product selection, assistance and technical support ever produced in this field. Qualified sales personnel and engineers are immediately available to provide information and technical assistance through our 24Hour Hotline.

Known as the benchmark in the Industry, SEPHCO load banks are designed to be low maintenance withstanding the most extreme climatic conditions. Rust resistant treatments ensure units function year after year in outdoor environments. SEPHCO load banks can withstand heavy rain, snow and ice build-up, resistant to vibration when transported. Quite operation incorporating low speed fan cooling.

The unique resistor design and termination concept, materials used such as stainless steel immersion proof resistors, stainless steel hardware, plated connections and busbars guarantees ongoing reliability anywhere in the world. Failure is uncommon, hence the exclusive SEPHCO 3 year warranty.