SEPHCO Industries Pty. Ltd.

Load Bank Installation Details

  • Load Banks are to be installed in a location that provides approximately 36″ (1 Metre) of unobstructed clearance around all sides of the machine. This is to allow for:-
  • Sufficient unrestricted air flow into the intake chamber(s) in the base of the machine for necessary cooling.
  • Sufficient space to open the access doors at the front of the machine and to allow for resistor replacement from the rear.
  • Vertical fan cooled load banks must not have any overhanging roofs or awnings which may restrict or disturb air discharge.
Examples of INCORRECT Load Bank installations which could limit required cooling air flow, leading to overheating.

Intake air flow is blocked on one side by “load cable protection box”.

Load bank is installed too close to walls, blocking air intake on one side and restricting airflow on the other side. This also increases the risk of hot air recirculation

generator load bank

Load bank is installed in a covered and partially enclosed area, generating intense hot air recirculation

Examples of CORRECT installations where the Load Bank can maintain the required cooling air flow.


Intake air flow is free of blockages and load cables are adequately supported and protected

Load banks are installed away from walls or other structures which may be blocking or restricting air intake on one or more sides

Load banks are installed in a partially covered and enclosed area, but with enough space around for preventing hot air recirculation