SEPHCO LSMC Series Marine Type Load Banks

LSMC type load banks are sea water-cooled resistive load banks designed for on-board installation to monitor and maintain a steady load on diesel generating systems. Designed specifically for marine application such as super motor yachts, the load banks incorporate an integrated control processor management system designed to monitor the vessel’s load condition and supplement the marine generators as the load drops below an acceptable level. Units are supplied as packaged systems or split, supplied complete with circulation pump, and control cabinet ready for installation.

marine load banks
Sizes available in 30KW,40KW,50KW,60KW,75KW


  • Carbon Composite Construction
  • Copper Nickel Plumbing & Fittings
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated Control System
  • Hump Coupling Connections
  • Corrosion Resistant Elements
  • Protection From Electrolysis & Galvanic Action
  • Sea Water Cooled


  • Motor Yachts

LSMC Series Description

LSMC series load banks are designed for permanent installation on motor yachts and marine vessels to maintain marine generators under load. Featuring the Smartload LSM800D processor, providing accurate load control with incremental load steps to maintain marine generators at a constant set load, eliminating wet stacking and cylinder bore glazing. The control software is designed to load and maintain one or more marine generators, typically a single marine generator operation or when in parallel. The LSM800D controller provides user-friendly field settings, digital display and is available with options to include a remote manual override “Mimic” control panel.

LSMC load banks incorporate corrosion proof elements, carbon composite vessel construction, copper nickel fittings and plumbing, zinc-free marine bronze pumps and protection from galvanic action and electrolysis. Safety features include monitoring of air locks, water flow, water temperature, element temperature, pump overload and water pressure. Tripping of any of the safety monitoring devices is identified and displayed by the unit controller. Unique features also include circuit breaker protection for each load group and set and forget control parameters.

Installation of LSMC type load banks will ensure optimum reliable power from marine generators. Constant load maintained on marine generators will prevent wet stacking, cylinder bore glazing and reduce emissions.