SEPHCO TR Series Trailers For WA Series Load Banks

TR trailers are specifically designed for mounting of WA type load banks and associated options such as cable reels and RM series reactive modules. Fitted with independent Rubber Suspensions, built to withstand the riggers of commercial use, out performing conventional leaf type suspensions. TR trailer models are specifically designed with dimensions and load capacity to match exactly the equipment fitted.

trailer mounted load banks


  • Heavy Duty Steel Tubular chassis
  • Corrosion resistant 2 pack paint finish
  • ALCO™ type suspension
  • Heavy duty wheels and tyres
  • Fold-away Stabilizing jacks
  • Aluminium chequered deck
  • Aluminium Storage box
  • Cable Reel options


  • Portable Load Banks
  • Rentals

TR Series Description

TR trailers are unique in design, constructed from heavy gauge tubular framework, aluminium chequered deck and fitted with dual independent rubber type ALKO™ suspension. The hexagonal axle tube design houses rubber elements held in place by triple fluted rubber inner tube, which control movement between bump and rebound dampening road shocks.

TR trailers are manufactured to exact engineering standards and tested for toe-in and camber as well as load rated deflection using state-of-the-art alignment technology. Depending on size and capacity, trailers are fitted with Electric Brakes with break-away switch and battery pack.

All TR type trailers are fitted with stabilizing jacks, toe balls or toe rings depending on size. Wheels are light truck steel rimmed with tubeless tyres, each trailer is also fitted with spare wheel.