SEPHCO LS-RG Series Regenerative Power Load Banks

For Permanent Installation, designed and equipped with Smartload automatic load control system with intelligent software to maintain generator/s at a constant set load and absorb regenerative power.

regenerative power load banks ls-rg series
LSOV Series 20kW To 125kW
Series LS2V, LS4V, LS6V, LS12V, LS18V, LS24V
From 150kW to 2500kW Models


  • Weatherproof to IP55 (NEMA3R)
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated Control System With Optional Manual Override
  • Modbus Interface Available As An Option
  • Corrosion Resistant Marine Acrylic Finish
  • Stainless Steel Vibration & Immersion Proof Resistors
  • Compact Design


  • Prime Power Generators
  • Cranes and rigs
  • Cable laying vessels
  • Mining

LS-RG Series Description

LS-RG series load banks are fan-cooled, designed for permanent installations, suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

Featuring the Smartload LSM800DRG processor, providing accurate load control with incremental load steps to maintain generators at a constant set load, eliminating wet stacking and cylinder bore glazing. The control software is designed to load and maintain one or several generators on a common bus.

The LSM800DRG controller is coupled to a Power Transducer and CT’s, which monitors generator power via the CT’s and voltage input from the transducer. This voltage signal ranging from 0-10 volts, 5 volts being zero power represents actual power flowing from the generator or back into the generator. A signal voltage of less than 5 volts represents regenerative power being fed back into the generator, whereas a voltage higher than 5 volts represents power fed from the generator to the plant load.

The LSM800DRG controller extrapolates this information to determine the correct value of load steps or kilowatts to be applied to maintain the generator at the desired load, and effectively compensates for any regenerative load or under-loaded condition.

Sephco load banks incorporate immersion proof and vibration proof stainless steel resistors. Safety features include the Sephco “Triple Interlock” load protection system, guarding against fan cooling failure, airflow restriction, high temperature and fan reversal. Unique features of Sephco load banks include circuit breaker protection for each load group and full accessibility to switchgear components and resistors.

Installation of LS-RG type load banks will ensure optimum reliable power from generators, maintaining a constant load or absorb any regenerative power.


Detailed description, technical data, control type and options are available here.