LSM800DRG Regenerative Power Load Controller

The LSM800DRG controller incorporated in LS-RG type load banks, is coupled to a Power Transducer and CT’s which, monitors generator power via CT’s and voltage input from the transducer. This voltage signal ranging from 0-10 volts, 5 volts being zero power represents actual power flowing from the generator or back into the generator. A signal voltage of less than 5 volts represents regenerative power being fed back into the generator, whereas a voltage higher than 5 volts represents power fed from the generator to the plant load.

The LSM800DRG controller extrapolates this information to determine the correct value of load steps or kilowatts to be applied to maintain the generator at the desired load, and effectively compensates for any regenerative load or under-loaded condition.

External Command Using 0-5V DC or Modbus™

Other versions of the LSM800DRG controller is also available to interface with a PLC load management system using direct 0-5V DC input or a Modbus version where, the load bank is directly controlled and driven by the management system. The controller’s monitoring of the load bank’s safety interlocks and fan cooling is still maintained and managed by the controller.

LS800MPE Manual Override "MIMIC” Control Panel

The LS800MPE is an optional control panel added to the load bank installation for remote, manual override of the load bank for periodical testing and exercising of the generator. Connection is by a simple three-core cable, connected to the load bank's auxiliary terminals. Featuring a touch-type keypad and LED display, the LS800MPE offers simple operation for manual controllability of the load bank. Selection of operation includes Manual Loading, Auto-Loading and Auto Genset Exercise modes. The exercising function is programmable by setting up a load routine with time duration. The LED display indicates the kilowatt value activated at the load bank during any of the switching operations. Additional LED's display mode selection and the status of the load bank, including fan-cooling fault.

The remote “Enable” signal connected to the LSM800MB prevents operation of the Mimic panel when the generating system is operating in the emergency back-up mode, preventing inadvertent use of the load bank. When the “Enable” signal is closed, the control system reverts back to auto-loading of the generator.