SEPHCO Industries Pty. Ltd. World Leaders in Load Bank Technology

What Is a Load Bank?
Load banks are compact units that are coupled to the output of your power generation system such as diesel generators, gas turbines or UPS and battery systems.

Load banks are dummy loads, designed to simulate the plant load and prove the design, performance and the capacity of the system, without interruption to the normal running of your plant.

Load Banks - dummy loads - are used to replace building loads when testing emergency backup power generators. They are electrical artificial loads, that is why sometimes they are referred to as dummy loads.

Why Do I Need a Load Bank?

It is a cost effective investment for:
Testing and maintaining electrical power systems.
Avoiding excessive wear on under loaded diesel generators.
Prolonging the life of generators and UPS or battery systems.

What Does a Load Bank (dummy load) Do?
Generators are usually rated to supply sufficient power to a plant or building, based on the maximum demand required. Sufficient plant loading is not always available to safely load generators.

Underloading of the engine will cause a high wear rate due to insufficient fuel combustion and loss of lubrication resulting in cylinder bore glazing and fouling of exhaust ports and valves. Running the generator without load will not prove it's performance or power capacity.

Proper and controlled loading is therefore essential. It increases diesel engine life by up to four times and improves the efficiency by ensuring that the engine has sufficient loading at all times.

It proves the rated power, proves system operation, controls integrity and communications of your power system. It maximize battery life in UPS systems by regular loading and discharging.

Who Would Use a Load Bank (dummy load)?
If you own a stand by emergency generator, UPS or battery system, you build or sell generators and power systems, you rent generators use engine driven power source, you need a load bank (dummy load).

World Testing Standards
SEPHCO ® load banks (dummy loads) provide the capacity to meet acceptance, loading, testing and data recording requirements for the following standards of emergency and stand - by power systems.

European: ISO8528, IEC364-7-710, EN60034-9.
Australian: AS3009.
These standards require emergency power supplies used in buildings, hospitals and public gathering places etc. to undergo regular maintenance procedures, by load testing to at least 50% of the rated power capacity and logging of the test data.