DC100CC Controller For DCC Series Constant Current Load Banks

The DC100CC control panel is standard on all DCC series constant current battery discharge load banks. The control panel can be supplied fitted to the load bank or can be flush mounted in a remote location.

The DC100CC controller is generally supplied loose for remote mounting however, can be supplied fitted to the load bank if required. The control panel features a touch type keypad and LED load display, with simple operation of the load bank start up program settings and load bank status.

The controller is designed for performance testing and battery discharging applications, featuring fully automatic operation of the load bank, maintaining a constant current applied to the batteries on test. Other features include load bank "system check" which prevents loading in the event of fan cooling failure, fan reversal or high temperature.



  • Fan "Start"-"Stop" buttons
  • "UP" – "Down" buttons
  • Program button
  • Value Enter Key

Main Program

  • Discharge Current
  • Discharge Voltage
  • Discharge Time

Operating Display

  • Load Current
  • Load Volts
  • kW Load Power
  • Time Remaining
  • AMP Hours Discharged
  • kWh Energy Dissipated
  • LED Display:-
  • Test Complete
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Over-Voltage
  • Load Coo-Down
  • Fan On
  • Cooling Fault