RTSW Control For BL Series Load Banks 25kW To 125kW

BL0V….RTSW Style Load Banks from 25kW to 125kW capacities are fitted with a weatherproof rotary type selector switch for manual control of the load bank. The switch operation features fan-start and load step increments. A fan cool-down function is automatically activated when the load bank is shut down. Auxiliary terminals are included in the load bank connections for a remote dump function.

MC12PMB Control For BL Series Load Banks

The MC12PMB control panel is standard on all models from 150kW and higher. The control panel is supplied as an option on BL0V type load banks ranging from 25kW to125kW capacities.

The MC12PMB controller is generally supplied loose for remote mounting however, can be supplied fitted to the load bank if required. The control panel features a touch type keypad and LED load display, with simple operation of the load bank start up, kilowatt selection and load bank status.

The unit automatically configures the load steps in the load bank to provide instant kilowatt response as selected by the Up/Down keys. Other features include load bank "system check" which prevents loading in the event of fan cooling failure, fan reversal or high temperature. The control has additional inputs for a remote “Enable-Disable” signal and  optional Modbus interface.

Operating Features

  • Digital kilowatt display of load value
  • Touch key button operation
  • Fan "Start"-"Stop" buttons
  • Kilowatt "UP" – "Down" buttons
  • Enter (Master) button
  • Emergency "Stop" button
  • LED Display:-
  • LED - Load Bank "ON" indication
  • LED - Load Bank "COOLING FAULT" indication
  • LED - Load Bank "FAN RUN-ON" indication
  • LED – Modbus Active
  • LED – Modbus Running
  • Remote-Automatic Load Dump contact facility
  • Outputs to indicate load bank "Operating Normally" and "Load Bank Failure".